Important notice about product availability

You will notice while browsing our site that some items are back ordered, some even without an anticipated arrival date.

You may even notice at some times the anticipated date has already passed. That's because that is the most recent estimate we have been given, and have been unable to get a more accurate date.

We, along with many distributors, are facing increasing transport delays. Couple that with the fact that our manufacturers are also having trouble with their suppliers of raw materials, as well as issues with finishing (plating) companies.

We are constantly attempting to keep in advance of shortages, and have dramatically increased our stock levels, but situations still arise in which we simply cannot get product.

We encourage everyone to try and anticipate needs, and order as far in advance as their finances allow.

If an item is marked out of stock, we provide an anticipated arrival date (if we have one). While you cannot order back ordered items on line, we will be happy to put you on a notify list for anything not in stock. Simply click the contact link below and drop us a note.

Thank you for your understanding.

You may close this window or tab to continue browsing.

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