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1/4" eyelets

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Eyelets differ from grommets in the manner in which they are applied, and the end result. Eyelets fold over and grab the back of the material to stay in place (yes, we need photos), while grommets utilize 2 separate parts, which form a more finished look than an eyelet. Another difference, however, is that grommeted material is stiffer around the grommet than eyeleted material. This is because of the washer on grommets causing a reinforced area underneath. This can be great in tarps and the like, while eyelets are better where the material is in contact with skin, or where it needs to flex.

1/4" opening eyelets. Nickel plated steel in packs of 10 or 100

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Set these with our 1481 setter and cap anvil , which should be used on a hard surface, or with our bench anvil .

Our video showing how to set eyelets

3/16" eyelet setter
and anvil

Small hole punch set

Bench anvil

Pounding boards

3/16" Eyelets

Additional items that can be used the same way

1/4" Eyelets

1/4" eyelet setter
and anvil

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