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Footman Loop
We would call them strap holders

Available in two sizes, 1" and 1 1/2", these are the perfect guide for leather or nylon strap, or tow straps. .

Center Bar True Roller Buckles

Available in three sizes from 5/8" to 1", these are ideal for lighter weight fabric and leather applications when a true roller buckle is preferred, but not the heavier style of our original free roller buckles .

Slim Line Roller Buckles

Available in 1/2" or 5/8", these are light weight buckles for fabric or very light leather. .

Scissor Snaps

Available in 3/4" and 1" retainer sections in both nickel and gloss black. These are suitable for casual suspenders, attachment points for purses, even for key rings (attach to a belt loop).

Locking Buckles

These roller buckles are designed to accept a small padlock through the tongue of the buckle, thereby making it impossible to remove whatever strap it is on.

Locking Posts

These small locking posts are ideal for taking a regular strap and adding a way to lock the tongue in place.

Cast D Rings

Unlike our welded "D" rings, these are cast in one piece. They are substantially smaller in both thickness and size than our welded rings. They provide a slightly more "finished" look, and are used primarily in the fashion trade.

Loop and Dees

These are usually used in place of a standard welded D ring when there is a desire for a more flexible point of attachment.

Swivel Snaps

Use on leashes, leads, and any other application where the leather stays in place, but the clip needs to be able to come off.

Welded O Rings

These O rings have a myriad of uses, in leather, fashion, and industrial trades.

Wire Loops or Belt Keepers

These are used in many many applications. Our most common use is as a "belt keeper", or the loop through which the tongue of a belt is placed.

Roller Buckles

These are free roller buckles. This means that little roller you see actually rolls.

Center Bar Buckles

As for the uses of this item, there is no limitation. These are the center bar style, one of many center bar buckles. They do not require a keeper, as they act as their own keeper.

Welded D Rings

A workhorse of the leather trade. These are used in literally thousands of applications.


These are horse hobbles, suitable for use with many leather projects.

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