J and J Hardware is one of those "by accident" type of businesses. We were in the leather production business, and were frequently approached by people to just buy a couple of things to repair something they owned.

Realizing that there are probably more people that might want and need the same type of things (or, more appropriately, being hit in the head with the obvious), we decided to put a few things up on a site to see if there was any interest.

Well, the interest quickly grew, and we added more items, and more customers.

Now numbering in the thousands, our customers have graced us with their business, and we have continued to strive to provide rapid service and decent pricing.

We differ from many of our competitors in that we do not depend on the sale of hardware and tools for a livelihood. No, we aren't going to kid you and say we don't make any money. But we try and keep our prices low, as your purchases increase our buying power, which lowers our costs, which then allows us to lower our prices, and at the same time lower our expenses on the leather manufacturing side. So we both can win.

We also feel we are different in that we understand how confusing some of this junk can be when you are just trying to start out, or only trying to make a repair. That's why we offer our items in quantities starting at one piece.

We don't have a minimum order, but please remember that there always is a minimum shipping charge, I still can't convince the post office to ship for us for free.

We are owned by J and J Enterprises, and J and J Enterprises also owns Leather Creations. Yes, Leather Creations is an adult industry supplier. We know some of you think that is "yucky". We do understand, honestly. We had the option to set J and J Hardware totally apart from Leather Creations, but we believed that once people tried us and realized, despite some who may have their misgivings, that we are wholly a professional firm, and conduct our business to the highest standards, that they would come back. And you have, from those that buy less than $100 a year, to those that place $300-$400 orders almost weekly. To all of you, our thanks!

If you are buying for the purpose of using the products for items like those offered on Leather Creations , you might find the information on our adult hardware website more suitable. BdsmHardware.com offers the same product line, but the discussions on the pages are more in line with the adult industry.

As this is written, J and J Hardware is embarking on an expansion (and a much needed sprucing up of our site). With no intention of straying from our roots, actually, we are going back to them - supplying leather making hardware. We will be adding more items and, we feel more importantly, more information. We intend to provide instructional videos, more detailed photographs, more in-depth descriptions of the products, and more guidelines for their use. We hope that be you visitor only, customer, or future customer, you will find a resource from us.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us, and read a little bit about us. We look forward to being of service!

and no longer with me, but ever in my mind and heart, Jonathan

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