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Brass Plated Roller Buckles

These are heavy duty free roller buckles. This means that little roller you see actually rolls. Please note that this is not the case with some "roller" buckles. As a one sided buckle, these usually require some sort of keeper for the belt tongue, like our belt keepers . These are usually used in more heavy weight applications like belts and animal collars. For lighter weight or fabric applications we suggest our variety of center bar buckles available from the list to your left.

Shiny brass plated steel in the sizes listed in the chart below.

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  1-9 Pieces Packs of 10 Packs of 50 Packs of 100
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Enter Quantity $ Each Enter Quantity $ per 10 Enter Quantity $ per 50 Enter Quantity $ per 100
3/4 inch heavy roller buckle
(0.400 each)

(0.340 each)

(0.270 each)
1 inch heavy roller buckle
(0.430 each)

(0.380 each)

(0.315 each)
1 1/2"
1 1/2 inch heavy roller buckle
(0.740 each)

(0.650 each)

(0.545 each)

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This item is sold in "pre-packs". This means that only full quantities of even 50 pieces receive the 50 piece price, 100 receive the 100 piece price, and so forth.

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