BP=Brass Plated
NP=Nickel Plated
BkP=Shiny Black Plated
SS=Stainless Steel


Center glide bar NP

Center bar roller NP

Center bar roller BkP

Double bar

Dress one inch

Heavy duty roller NP

Heavy duty roller BP

Locking tongue heel

Slim line roller

D (Dee) Rings

Brass plated

Cast nickle plated

Heavy welded NP

Heavy welded BkP

Light welded NP

Light welded NP #2

Loop and Dee


Heavy welded NP

Heavy welded BP

Heavy welded BkP

Small welded SS

Loops (Keepers)

Stainless Steel

Brass & Nickel plated

Deluxe NP and BkP


Black 1" Hardware

Blk 1 1/2" Hardware

Clips swivel


Keepers belt

Loops - Coachman's

Loops - Footman's

Slides - Metal

Snaps swivel

Strap holders


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