BP=Brass Plated
NP=Nickel Plated
BkP=Shiny Black Plated
SS=Stainless Steel


Double bar

Center glide bar NP

Center bar roller NP

Center bar roller BkP

Locking tongue heel

Heavy duty roller NP

Heavy duty roller BP

Slim line roller

D (Dee) Rings

Brass plated

Cast nickle plated

Heavy welded NP

Heavy welded BkP

Light welded NP

Light welded NP #2

Loop and Dee


Heavy welded NP

Heavy welded BP

Heavy welded BkP

Small welded SS

Loops (Keepers)

Brass & Nickel plated

Deluxe NP and BkP


Black 1" Hardware

Blk 1 1/2" Hardware

Clips swivel


Keepers belt

Loops - Coachman's

Loops - Footman's

Slides - Metal

Snaps swivel

Strap holders


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