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Now that we have the site rearranged, the next step is to go through
all the stuff that we have languishing in our warehouee.

If you are seeing this notice, please check back. There will be
a lot more items added, all at prices lower than you will
find anyplace else!.

Mark down specials - good while supply lasts

Each page will show the quantity available, when they're gone - they're gone forever!

5/8" cast mast style
solid brass D ring

3/4" solid cast brass D ring

1" solid cast brass D ring

19mm Chromed Split Ring

Double cap rivets
nickel, brass, black oxide

1 1/2" Steel Snap Hook

1 1/2" Sliders

1 1/8" D nickel ring

3/8" X 1/4" loop

Stamped 1" sliders

7/8" X 1" square

3/4" Brass plated D ring

1/2" Nickel D ring

2 1/4" 2 prong
Sam Browne Belt buckle

2" Sursingle
1" thin ring

Deluxe setter kit

"All Snap"
setter kit

Grommet setters
with anvils

Rotary hole punch

Line 24 snap setter

Snap and rivet
Strap Cutter

Go To Your Shopping Basket

Clearance house rules
All are limited quantity, so they are all on a first come first served basis. Because we update stock status only when we are open, it is possible that someone may beat you to it. If you place an order, and an item showed as available but someone already grabbed it, we will notify you by e-mail. If you place an order for an item that already shows as sold out here, that item will simply be removed from your final shipment.

As these are purely first come first served, we cannot hold an item if your card is declined, nor can we hold anything waiting for a mailed in payment. If your card is declined we will notify you and cancel the order, thereby releasing the item to anyone. You may re-order if you so desire. Mailed in payments will be considered orders only upon receipt of payment.

Unless otherwise indicated on an item's page, items may be returned for refund of merchandise cost. We do not offer exchanges as we do for our regular line of merchandise.

We actually remove items from these pages as soon as they are shipped, but sometimes an order includes other merchandise, so the order is held for the customer until complete. Therefore, please understand if an item appears here, but shows as out of stock, that is the reason. If an item is reported as sold, it is probably gone forever, but nothing is certain until it is actually removed from the site, so check back if you are lusting over an item that shows "sold out".

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